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Payment Methods

1. Credit Card
Payment by credit or debit card is not possible on Specifically, as soon as the buyer fills out the order form, he goes to the secure environment of Eurobank for payment , which uses the 3-D Secure security protocol of Cardlink , complying with and following the instructions of the website in question. On the Eurobank page, fill in the relevant form with the name of the holder, the number and expiry date of the card as well as the three-digit CCV number. does not collect or store the user's card details.
The following credit or debit cards are accepted: Visa , Mastercard , American Express, Diners .
2. Cash on delivery
The buyer can pay for the ordered products upon receipt of the product at his address by paying the price to the authorized employee of the courier company , who acts on the instructions of In this case, he is charged with the costs of the cash on delivery, which are 2.5 euros .
3. Deposit to a bank account

The buyer can pay the price for the product/s they bought as well as the other agreed fees and charges by depositing into the bank account maintained by the company with the following details:
IBAN: GR 1502601220000490200506212
Kallirroi Askaridou of Charalambos
In the case of a bank deposit, the buyer must write the order code and his name in the deposit . In the event that the buyer does not make his deposit within 5 working days of ordering the product, the order will be cancelled.
The buyer can pay the price of the order to any bank that cooperates with the DIAS system at any bank branch or via e- banking .
In case of payment by transfer from another bank , the buyer undertakes to pay the transfer costs .
The process of sending the order starts as soon as the deposited / transferred amount appears in the company's account.