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Purchase and return policy

1. In general, regarding the sale of products, complies with the provisions of the Civil Code relating to the sale (articles 534 subsequent to the Civil Code) and with the provisions of Law 2251/1994 on consumer protection.


The order is submitted by completing the order form available in the online store. To complete it, the user is not required to have registered, but any user can order as a guest.


A necessary prerequisite for submitting an online order is that the user has read, consented to and accepted the terms of use in their entirety. Before submitting the order, the user is requested to have already declared that he accepts and consents to the terms of use. Specifically, in order to place an order, the user must have knowledge of the characteristics of the products he wishes to order, the data and contact details of the company (and the supplier of the products), the total price of the products together with VAT including any additional charges or other expense, the shipping costs, the payment methods, the shipping methods, the delivery deadline, the right of withdrawal as well as the case of charging the buyer with the cost of returning the products in case of withdrawal, the cases of the company's liability for actual defects and for lack of contracted status, etc.


As soon as the company receives the order, it sends the user a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the user with the order details. In case of changes in the availability or delivery time of the product, the company informs the user of said changes. In the event that the user finds any error in the order details, he must immediately inform the company of the error he found. As soon as the order is paid, the confirmation of payment and the legal document of payment of the order (receipt/invoice) are sent by e-mail and the user is informed that the product has been delivered to the cooperating courier company.


When receiving from the courier company, the buyer shows the carrier the order code and his ID. In the event that a third party is authorized to receive the product, he must have with him an authorization with the original signature and his police ID. The buyer bears full responsibility in the event that he incorrectly entered the shipping address of the product, resulting in an incorrect calculation of costs. In the event that the buyer does not come to collect the product after being notified by the carrier, the company is entitled to withdraw from the sale.

The company is not responsible if the delivery of the product is delayed by force majeure events.


Upon receipt of the product, the buyer is required to check the product for any external defects or damage, as after receipt of the product, the risk passes to him. In the event of a defect or damage, he is entitled not to receive it by immediately returning it to the distributor. Alternatively, he can inform of the existence of a defect in the product and return it within an exclusive period of six (6) calendar days from receipt. In this case, the company immediately replaces the product. Any exceeding of the above deadline on the part of the buyer can only be justified for reasons of force majeure. In case the user delays or refuses to return the products for a period of time beyond 6 days, it is considered that he approves the order in question and the price for the product is considered due from the company and is not returned.


In any case, the company is obliged to deliver the ordered products to the user in excellent condition with the agreed properties and without real defects, in accordance with articles 534 et seq. of the Civil Code. In the case of a defective product or a product that lacks an agreed quality, the buyer can exercise one of the rights provided for in articles 540 seq. AK. A property is considered contracted if it has been agreed in writing.


The company itself undertakes the return of the product at its own expense and without any charge to the buyer in the following cases:

  • in case the buyer receives a product different in type, characteristics or quantity or with incorrect pricing from the originally agreed
  • in case the product packaging is damaged or damaged in its largest part
  • in the event that the product has a manufacturing defect, as long as this is previously confirmed by the authorized manufacturer that provides the guarantee of good operation, or lack of an agreed quality, which has previously been agreed in writing with the company.

The buyer must return together with the product and all accompanying documents (receipt of purchase, invoice, labels, etc.) and packaging if these exist at the time the problem is identified. The product must be returned with the accompanying packaging undamaged, sealed and complete. In any case, the product must be returned with the packaging and in the condition it was received. The return will be carried out at the company's responsibility either with its own means and personnel or through the cooperating courier company. The buyer has the possibility to return/replace the product purchased online and at the scarpediem physical store at 19 Evzonon Street, Thessaloniki. However , a refund for the above product can only be made online .


In the event of a return, depending on the defect, the product will be replaced or repaired if this is possible, otherwise and if the buyer does not want any of the above and after the product has been received and checked, the transaction will be cancelled. In the case of payment by cash on delivery (cash), via card or deposit to a bank account, the money will be returned to the bank account indicated by the customer.


In the event that the product is returned incomplete or damaged due to the fault of the buyer, the company reserves the right, depending on the damage of the product, to request compensation from the buyer.


2. Right of Withdrawal


The buyer, subject to the exceptions to the right of withdrawal provided for in article 3l of Law 2251/1994, has the right to withdraw without reason, i.e. without being obliged to justify or state the reasons for his action, from a distance contract or the non-commercial contract made within 6 calendar days provided that the product has not been used .

  • Under no circumstances can a product, which is not in its original condition, be accepted. This means that the product must:
    • Not to have been used in any way
    • Have all accompanying tags and marking tabs
    • Not to be washed/wet
    • The packaging (box) must not be damaged.
  • The product must have been purchased exclusively from
  • In the case of product return and refund, the customer is charged €5 for her expenses transportation .

A necessary condition for someone to be able to exercise the right of withdrawal is to be a natural person and to have purchased a product from the online store as an individual for personal use and not as a professional for professional use, i.e. the product has not been purchased with an invoice in professional transaction contexts.


3. Withdrawal period


For product sales contracts the withdrawal period expires 6 calendar days from the day on which the product is delivered to the buyer or to a third party indicated by the buyer, other than the carrier, or:

  • in case of several products ordered by the buyer in one order and delivered separately from the day on which the last product is delivered to the buyer or to a third party indicated by the buyer, other than the carrier.
  • in case of delivery of a product consisting of several lots or of several pieces from the day on which the last lot or last piece is delivered to the buyer or to a third party indicated by the buyer, other than the carrier.
  • in the case of a contract for the regular delivery of products in a fixed period of time from the day on which the first product is delivered to the buyer or to a third party indicated by the buyer, other than the carrier.


4. Obligations of the buyer in case of withdrawal


Unless the company has offered to collect the product itself, the buyer returns the products to the company without undue delay and in any case within 6 calendar days from the day on which he notified the company of his decision to withdraw from the contract. The deadline is met if the buyer sends back the product before the 6 calendar day deadline expires.

The declaration of withdrawal is made in writing or electronically. In any case, the company is obliged to send, without delay, confirmation of receipt of the withdrawal statement as soon as it receives it by sending a confirmation message to the user's e-mail address that it has received the user's withdrawal statement. The declaration of withdrawal within the above period of 6 calendar days is exercised in one of the following ways:

  • with physical delivery to headquarters (Evzonon 19, 54640 Thessaloniki) by delivering the product in its original condition and packaging and presenting the proof of purchase together with the withdrawal statement available here.
  • by completing the withdrawal form available here and sending it signed along with the returned product. In this case, the user sends the product to the company's headquarters at his own expense, preferably by the same transport company that received it, in the original condition and with the packaging in which he received it, together with the proof of purchase and the declaration of withdrawal.

The buyer bears the cost of returning the product. Buyer is responsible for shipping the returned product.


The buyer must return the product in the same condition in which it was received, i.e. without removing the accompanying labels and marking tabs with all the accessories and forms that accompany it.


5. Obligations of the company in case of withdrawal


In case of withdrawal, the company returns to the buyer all the money received from him when placing the order, including shipping costs except shipping costs incurred in the event that the consumer had explicitly chosen a different shipping method than the cheapest standard shipping method offered by the company, without undue delay and in any case within 6 calendar days from the day on which it was informed of the buyer's decision to withdraw from the contract. The company will perform the above refund using the same means of payment as those used by the buyer for the original transaction, unless the buyer has expressly agreed otherwise and provided that the buyer is not charged with costs arising from the refund .


In case of payment by deposit to the company's bank account, the refund to the buyer will be made by deposit to a bank account indicated by the buyer.


Unless the company has offered to collect the products itself, the company may withhold the refund until it receives the goods back or until the buyer provides clear evidence that they have sent back the products.


Last updated 6/11/2022