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Evzonon 19, Thessaloniki 54640

About us

Following the family tradition of more than 100 years of the Askaridis family in the manufacture and marketing of leather goods, we offer our customers leather shoes, clothes, bags and accessories, of excellent quality.


Originality and perfect fit.

An original collection of leather goods from Spain, Italy, Brazil, and Greece awaits you in our retail store at 19, Evzonon str. in Thessaloniki and in our e-shop.


Elegant "from head to toe":

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of fashion, we offer you personalized advice and friendly tips that will stylistically highlight your unique personality.

Silk scarves, embroidered pashminas, handmade accessories, and unique dresses will make you shine ...


Scarpe diem Callirhoe Askaridis first opened its doors in October 2000, addressing the need for affordable luxury: leather shoes and bags of excellent quality at the best possible prices.

Scarpe diem is a physical store in Thessaloniki directly linked to its ONE and only e-shop We are not connected or related to any other physical retail stores or e-shops bearing similar names in Greece or abroad.



Scarpe diem - Affordable luxury sure measure.